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We know that one of the best ways to learn about soft skills is to hear other people's experiences on how they discovered  and grew their skills.

We are creating a library of short videos from young people,  teachers and business leaders on how they  grew their soft skills. 

If you would like 
to share your advice and create a short video for others, send your file to and we will add it to the collection here. 

Introduction to these videos

We have  structured the videos under the 5 STEPS 
Click below to go to the different pages 

steps S.webp
steps T.webp
steps P.webp
steps S2.webp

Learning from these videos 

On each of these pages we have listed some questions to help you think about the topic.  

Teachers can use these videos to introduce the topic in a lesson.
If you would like to make a video on Soft-Skills let us know  

Let’s Work Together

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