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Speaking and Listening 

In this video Olga (from Ukraine) shares about what she learnt about speaking and listening from her work in a call centre !


  • What did you think was particularly interesting about Olga's story? 

  • Do you think she is right about the importance of listening well ?

  • Why do you think people don't listen well ? 

  • How do you feel when you get the impression someone isn't listening to you? 

In this video Fola shares her experience of how she was taught as an actor to listen.  


  • Do you listen with the intent to reply, or do you listen because you are first and foremost curious?

  • What helps you be a good communicator ? 

  • What professions in particular do you need excellent speaking and listening skills ?

If you had to make a 2 minute video on Speaking and Listening what would you want to share? 

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