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Self Management 

In this video 19 year old Krylo (From Ukraine) reflects on how you keep young at heart and embrace curiosity and being open to instructions as you self-manage.  


Becoming someone who can self manage involves being open to learning, trying new things, and remaining curious - all the things you do when you are young and growing up. 

  • Do you think people look down on you for being young ? 

  • Do you agree with Krylo that there is a danger of loosing the "child-like magic" when you start work?

  • How do we keep young at heart in the workplace ? 

  • How do we demonstrate maturity and responsibility whilst remaining open and young at heart ? 

  • Are there some jobs where at times you have to come across as young and spontaneous, full of passion and creative ? 

If you had to make a 2 minute video on Self-Management what would you want to share? 

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