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This page allows reviewers, or potential funding partners the opportunity to download a full free copy the Facework Soft Skills workbook which we have co-designed with and for young people. 
Key points to note 
  • Produced by non-profit group Facework
  • Relevant to both schools and employers  and parents 
  • Focusing on soft-skills but addresses wider qualities and attitudes and character strengths.
  • Endorsed by leading careers guidance professionals and teachers in the UK
  • Sales of the booklet will create small revenue stream for Facework which will be used to support our education work especially with Ukraine refugees here in the UK.
  • Designed in Canva by the team with no funding! 
  • Intended to be practical with links to videos and other resources throughout the book.
  • Looking for funding partners to support the role-out and further translation of this book.
Please note this is a page for those wanting to review or support this initiative. If you want to promote the resource to members of the public please share this page which allows users to purchase the download.

Watch Stephen Carrick-Davies the CEO of Facework and the author of this book share the thinking behind creating this resource.


" In working with teachers and civil society leaders across the world,  I am convinced that young people desperately need practical resources to help them cross the widening gulf between education and the world of work, a world which is itself changing so rapidly and radically with the advent of AI, machine learning and globalisation.


We know that this is challenging,  but we must do more to teach Soft Skills and Character Strengths in the school curriculum. This will involve being bold in valuing alternative forms of assessment, recognising new pedagogies and helping students create their own learning frameworks and valuing what they bring to the learning.

I hope that this workbook which has been co-designed with young people, will practically  help teachers introduce this topic in their school. However, this is relevant to parents and of course employers who have always known it's vital to "recruit for attitude and train for skills."

Like all good learning resources, this is work in progress, and we value feedback and critical review.  Let's work hard together to better support  our amazing young people to grow their social and emotional skills  and prepare for a world of change."

Stephen Carrick-Davies CEO Facework Group CIC 

Sample pages 

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