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In this video Katia shares what happened when her early self confidence was crushed and how over time she was able to regain her voice and rekindle her enterprise skills.  



  • How much is being able  to lead, take initiative and be enterprising tied up with confidence ?  

  • What happens when your confidence gets shattered ? 

  • Looking back at your childhood did you have opportunities to be enterprising and take initiative? 

This video below is by the founder of a wonderful organisation called Oasis.  In his video advice he makes the connection between how people of enterprise will face frustration, obstacles and even failure. But don't despair ! 

  • Do you believe that women face greater obstacles in leading and being enterprising - even setting up their own enterprises ?  

  • What sort of set backs to you have when you try to take initiative and be more enterprising in your work ? 

  • What strategies do you use to overcome these set backs?

  • Do you think enterprise skills are valued in some countries and cultures more than others ?

If you had to make a 2 minute video on Enterprise skills what would you want to share? 


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