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At its core, COWORK PLUS is about enhancing support for existing members of workspaces and fostering a more inclusive and diverse workspace environment.

Yet, it extends beyond internal improvements. Through strategic partnerships with local stakeholders, we're pioneering initiatives aimed at empowering individuals to secure employment, elevate their skill sets, and introduce valuable services to those communities furthest from the labour market -  all from the collaborative hub of our workspaces.  

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Introducing COWORK PLUS—an innovative initiative pioneered by Facework and other organisations and now being championed to fellow coworking spaces and workspace membership organizations.


Listen to Jon Alexander in conversation with Joyce Ogunde at CoworkPlus conference

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  • Collaborated with Housing Associations (Hyde, Peabody, and Lewisham Homes) to fund workspace memberships to residents starting their own businesses or seeking employment support.

  • Designed tailored workspace days and integration activities for refugee communities from Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Syria. 

  • Introduced volunteer hosting opportunities where members without full-time memberships receive 2 free days in exchange for 1 day of volunteering to help manage the workspace.

  • Provided internships to university students to assist in their transition into the workforce, offering valuable work experience and exposure to various job roles.

  • Supported an environmental initiative to establish a network of Sustainable Development Goal 11 spaces.

  • Collaborated with workspace members to develop soft-skills and career development training programs.

  • Offered subsidized memberships to young entrepreneurs under 24 years old starting their own businesses. We have also​ teamed up with Lewisham Council to organize social entrepreneurship training under our 'Changemaker' program. (See below)

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Natasha (right) was our first volunteer host at Hatcham House when she was setting up her business. Today we have 3 regular volunteers who help us co-host our workspaces in return for free days membership. 

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COWORK PLUS offers a straightforward framework and network collectively owned by coworking space operators aiming to enhance their impact. It welcomes all types of operators, including commercial, not-for-profit, council-run, and informal community spaces, encouraging them to contribute to innovative ways of expanding activities and engagement with local communities. Unlike traditional setups, COWORK PLUS doesn't require a separate organization to manage it. It thrives if:

  1. It aligns with the coworking space's business model, boosting foot traffic and revenue.

  2. It fosters partnerships with external stakeholders to fund and promote additional activities, benefiting both the coworking operators and the community.

  3. It strengthens the coworking space's membership by involving them in decision-making and allowing them to contribute as desired.

If you want to discuss Facework's CoworkPlus programme contact 
We would love to hear about COWORK PLUS initiatives you are developing in your COWORK place. 


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