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Facework Soft-Skills


In July 2023 the Facework Team from London undertook a week's pilot programme in Lviv, Ukraine in which they introduced both students and teachers in Ukraine to the Facework Soft-Skills curriculum.  This video shows what the Young people felt about the programme. 

Facework Soft Skills booklet translated into Ukraine CLICK HERE 

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 Workshop for teachers

equips them to better support youth in employability and enterprise skills and develop the confidence of young people.

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Sessions for young people 

for understanding of the changing world of work and developing employability skills

The feedback from this training was extremely high with the students especially valuing the sessions and contributing to the development of our Soft-Skills curriculum especially for other young people in Ukraine. 

We believe the Facework programme is relevant to help in the rebuilding of Ukraine's economy. We welcome the opportunity to present our work and resources translated into Ukrainian to stakeholders including government officials, career guidance professionals, and workforce development and HR professionals.

“Young people and indeed teachers need this practical soft-skills training and understanding of the changing world of work. So many of our students have been hit first by Covid and now the war and the Facework programme will help them build their confidence, their aspirations and want to stay in Ukraine to build our country.”  

Olesya Mandziuk, Head Teacher Lviv school 93 -


"Soft skills are very important especially during war times and in crisis situation that we are all living through. Training would be valuable not only for students but also for the lecturers, to use those knowledge during lectures on different subjects while preparing police officers in Ukraine.”

Iryna Gazdaika-Vasylyshyn, Head of the criminal law department of the Lviv Institute of internal affairs:


This work builds on the earlier work in 2023, when Stephen Carrick-Davies travelled to Lviv in Ukraine and worked with Mariana  Vyniarska to present the Facework programme and resources to a range of organisations/individuals including:  Local city council education leader, head teachers, young people law enforcement and business leaders.  From this work it is clear that sharing the Facework resources and developing a Train the Trainer programme in Lviv would be well received, indeed one head teacher told us: 

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