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Facework has commissioned 19 year old Lauren Roberts-Turner to write a report on what she believes needs to happen to better help young people face work. 

The full report 'An Agenda for Change' here.

Press release and contact for journalists/partners -Telephone  0208 050 3938

See also interview with Lauren and Stephen below. 

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Agenda for change booklet


Video of the authors  introducing the report 


press release screen grab

 “The more we help young people to find fulfilling work they love and to become more enterprising; the more we not only enrich the individual, but also support our local economies and help society to flourish. 

It's not just 'the Economy, stupid', it's Gross Domestic Purpose.”

Stephen Carrick-Davies 

Director Facework 


As this report outlines, young people face many challenges as they leave education, and are often labeled the 'Snowflake Generation', a derogatory phrase which portrays them as weak and fragile.

Agenda for change booklet

But the image we want to portray in this report is of a generation battling through extraordinary societal challenges, which whilst crushing for some, give others a new perspective on structural inequalities and injustices which come into sharp focus when looking at access to good quality work. Young people can show remarkable resilience and we need to listen to their new enlightened views, lived-experiences and the insight they bring to this debate. Think then of this colourful image as a flexing muscle or heart-beat. Make no mistake, young people are strong, courageous and we need them.

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# Facework movement ?

Facework is a non-profit organisation (Community Interest Company) To date we have funded all our own work through our workspace business model but we need social investment to do more.  If you are able to make a donation to our work or want to develop a partnership with us do contact  or call 0208 050 3938

Scott Bailey
Stephen C-D

"This report should make people stop, think and take action. Lauren and Stephen set out a compelling evidence-base which should not be ignored. The cost of living crisis will affect the wellbeing and prosperity of thousands of young people. These recommendations should form the basis of a national conversation on how to fix a failing infrastructure, particularly for those most in need."

Deirdre Hughes OBE,

Hon Associate Professor,

University of Warwick, Institute for Employment Research (IER)

"This report highlights the positive impact of high-quality careers support for young people and where there is more to be done. By combining the wealth of evidence with the direct experience of Lauren, its young author, it delivers a powerful message."

David Morgan,

Chief Executive,

Career Development Institute

"As a trade union we have been so impressed with the way that Lauren and the Facework team have consulted with us in understanding what we do for young people's employment and training. It is refreshing to have a 360 degree approach to tackling employment."

Andrew McGregor-

Careers Advisor and

Chair of UNISON National

Careers Committee

'Will we one day look back and wonder how, over a few decades, we so readily created an education system that removed teenagers from the experience of work and pay.

This report encourages us to show we care more about their futures than young people think we do, and start looking together at working up new opportunities for them in the world of work. Facework continues to lead thinking in this area and more eyes should be on their recommendations.'

Tom Bullman - Director of Worktree and

Community Organiser for Citizens MK, + Facilitator at School for Social Entrepreneurs

Youth Employment:Testing Times

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In November 2022 Stephen and Lauren had the opportunity of presenting the Agenda for Change to over 280 Career professionals worldwide as part of DMH Associates career development webinar series. 
You can watch this presentation below. 

This webinar is designed to stimulate ideas and action for innovation in education and career development support services. Topics covered within the session include:

– Is where you teach careers as important as what you teach?

– Post-Covid community workspaces- opportunities for peer-career learning?

– Is work exposure a better ‘way-in’ than work experience?

– The Gig economy – How do we revalue youth Gigs?

– Building youth-run Facework Chapters in schools and communities

– Improving skills and post-school transitions for under-represented young people.

Download presentation Slides.
Download the Executive Summary here 
Agenda for Change - Exec Summary (double page spread)
double page spread agenda
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