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Facework's CEO - Stephen Carrick-Davies was born in India and brought up in Nepal. Over the year he has worked as a CEO, consultant, social entrepreneur and trustee with partners in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri-Lanka, Qatar, Morocco and across Europe, especially in Ukraine.


As such he and the Facework team are deeply committed to sharing their model of community workspace and co-designed employability programmes with others across the world as well as with refugee and migrant groups who are settling in the UK. 


On this page of the website we outline some of the ways we are working with other organisations and piloting new approaches to support young people face the changing world of work. 

This video shows our training work in Delhi in 2020 among young women . 

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We have presented a paper we produced on our experience of research and piloting the content across 5 states in India at the Asia Pacific Careers Development Association in Delhi 2020 

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As we work with Ukrainians who have fled the war and moved to the UK, we have also started identifying how we can support the re-building of the country and help establish a Facework 'Chapter' in Lviv. 

THis has involved running a summer camp in Lviv with youth and teachers in 2023 as well as delivering humanitarian supplies. 

Check out this page to read more about the work we have done in Lviv and how you can support our work there. 



It is crucial that any work we develop in India is led and shaped by local young people.  To that end we have worked with over 240 young people across Nagaland, Sikkim, West Bengal, Odessa and Delhi.

Facework India - map of pilot Sept 2019.png

Download our Facework

India document. 

Facework has piloted a  Facework India 'chapter' model in Kalimpong North India, supporting a local co-ordinator and 3 youth in developing a training programme. 

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Recently Stephen worked with the Peace Corps youth development specialists in Morocco who are supporting young adults in their transition from school to employment. 

This work has included translating the Facework Soft Skills booklet into Arabic (Darija) language and testing the best approaches to support local youth to grow their enterprise skills using film making.


Imane from Fez who is working on translating the Soft Skills workbook into Arabic.

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