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About The FaceWork Group

ChangeMakers evening at Hatcham House

Since 2016 Facework has worked directly with young people and those impacted by the changing world of work to co-design resources, activities, facilities and new approaches which inspire and enable them to face work. 


We are committed to helping all people discover their strengths and become more entrepreneurial so they can find work that has greater purpose. 

In 2020 we formalised the governance of Facework and became a Community Interest Company, registered with Companies House in the UK (Company Number 15423259).

At the same time we set up Hatcham House as a friendly and affordable workspace for the local community and a home for Facework training and community events. We also employed our first young person, Laura Agnew who is now our Director of Hub Operations.

In 2022, due to popular demand, we opened our second community workspace in Peckham and aim to help replicate other hubs which provide a physical space for local people to work and run training from. 

Indeed, Facework alumni work at both of our Hubs and our community of members (freelancers and business owners)  continues to support our training initiatives.  

Post-Covid we believe that communities that work together are stronger, especially when they support and learn from young people. 

Download an overview of our values, our approach to learning, and the way we run our projects. 

FaceWork Values Document

Check out our spaces...

We have a beautiful co-working space for all of your  working, event or meeting needs, while also offering a Grade II listed beautiful building for hire.

Meet the FaceWork Team

UK Advisory Board 

Facework is grateful to the following members who volunteer as advisors in the UK   

Liane Hambly.jpg

Liane Hambly

Careers & Education 

James Kinnersly.jpg

James Kinnersly

Planning & Development 

Greg Bargeton.jpg

Greg Bargeton


Matt Overd_edited.jpg

Matt Overd

Youth & Humanitarian

Jim Playfoot.jpeg

Jim Playfoot

International Employability

tim Mungeam 2.jpeg

Tim Mungeam

 Non-profit &

Social Purpose  


Claire Bailey



Scott Bailey_edited.jpg

Scott Bailey

Property expert 

Good Governance 

Facework is registered with  the  CIC regulator and is listed on the UK Companies House

 (number 15423259)

We take the matter of good governance, transparency and professionalism extremely seriously. 

Our 3 Company Directors meet monthly and in addition we are grateful to a further 11 individuals who act as advisors on key areas of our work and development. The group 

meet with  staff on a quarterly basis and individuals work with Stephen on key issues linked to their expertise between meetings. 

Please note - that during the period May 2020-December 2023  Facework was constituted as a CIC by Shares.  It transferred to a CIC by guarantee in January 2004 as it was felt that the Guarantee status gave funders greater confidence in the asset lock and public interest.  Accounts since 2022 can be found on Companies House company number 12598896

India Advisory Board 


Facework is grateful to the following members who volunteer as advisors in India   


Orlanda Ruthven

International Development  

Moa Longkumer 

Social Entrepreneur   


Anupriya Khare

Training & Youth Development 

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