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Zoryana Burmas: How to Start Small Talk

The first session of the third stage Facework Ukraine training programme took place on Thursday, 21st of September, and we met with new training participants.

We started the training with Speaking Club "Tea & Talk"

Small Talk - a short conversation that British people start their meetings with - was our first themes of 12-week Facework Ukraine training.

It would seem such a simple thing, but it has so many nuances and traditions (this is the first immersion in British culture!), violating which you can find yourself in an awkward position. However, not in our case - we laughed, learned and had fun.

With ESOL Lecturer and Employability Coach Zoryana Burmas, who conducted the session on Communication Skills, we have learned how to start communication with strangers, about typical topics of conversation in the UK talk to be polite, some effective tactics for initiating a conversation, changing the topic and using background knowledge:

  • Small Talk in the workplace and professional relationships.

  • The Dos and Don'ts of small talk, managing awkward moments.

  • Practice and role-playing.

Ukrainians' responses on their feelings about Small Talk

Zoryana Burmas recommends utilizing the attached resources for practicing the language.



You can review our session HERE



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