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Today Ukrainians have meetings with employers

Facework Ukraine has invited a number of employers from different industries to take part in the training program. Therefore today Ukrainians will have a chance to explore a wide range of career options.

The "Meetings employers" session is opportunity for participants:

  • to get a job;

  • to communicate with employers;

  • to better understand the employment market in Britain;

  • to understand what employers pay attention to when hiring employees;

  • to practice an interview with an employer;

  • to explore possibilities of volunteering, internship & apprenticeship in specific areas.

During the meeting, participants of Facework Ukraine Training Program will have the chance to meet with employers, ask questions, to learn about their companies and the job opportunities they have available. You can also bring copies of your resume and any other relevant documents to share with the employers.

We are very grateful to British Land for your support and generous help in organizing this event.


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