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Facework is constantly innovating and piloting new ways to support young people into work.

We currently run the following Facework programmes. 

Facework runs 2 community co-working spaces in south London called 'Hatch Hubs.' we run these spaces for local people and aim to be the most flexible, affordable and supportive community workspaces in London. 


From these basis we can: 

  • Provide free 'Facework' places for young people aged 16-24 

  • Provide opportunities for members to volunteer and mentor other young people

  • Run training for the wider community - including our FW Conversations.

  • Host a range of other community events; cafes, concerts, talks and social events 

  • Promote our values of inclusivity and community care 

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Facework Conversations bring local people together to talk about, and share insights into issues within the workplace.   


We believe there is real value in having a structured conversation around a theme and broadcast these talks over Instagram so a wider public can take part.  Over the last few years we have run Facework Conversations around the themes of 

  • How did you get where you are today ?

  • How do you get into the Creative Industries?

  • How to present yourself for work ?

  • How to 'go it alone'  and set up your own business?

  • How do we support those new to a country to find work?

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Over the last 16 years we have become experienced in working with young people to design employability and careers training resources.  This now includes where to run employment training in community workspaces.  Facework staff are committed to sharing our insights (and mistakes) with others throughout the world. Most recently our 'Agenda for Change' document - written with a 19 year old outlines:

  • Our Methodology of working with youth. 

  • How we see all sectors playing their part in better supporting young people 

  • The changes in the world of work and how careers education needs to adapt 

  • The way we can innovate in giving young people work exposure.

  • How schools can develop FW chapters and develop better links with employers 

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