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We share our experience of developing both employability programmes and affordable community workspaces.


As current practitioners, we work with young people and our over 250 members so have valuable experience to share in the following areas: 


Every month we talk to local community groups who are keen to replicate our Hatch Hubs model.  

We are happy to share informally but have also started working with larger organisations to offer consultancy in the areas of: 

  • Building a sustainable business model.

  • Building a wide membership

  • Building an evidence case  

  • Attracting anchor tenants

  • Re-modelling an old building.

Scott Bailey leads our affordable workspace provision.


As a social entrepreneur and ex-CEO of three other NGOs, Stephen Carrick-Davies has considerable experience in both running and growing social change organisations. 


Over the last few years Stephen has helped various charities, including running away days for staff and trustee teams, supporting organisational reviews (including name changes) and fundraising.  


Is current school accreditation, followed by degrees, a good proxy for employability - even if they are the only convenient, recognised and quantitative tool employers have at their disposal?

Can we still measure progress for a future world using traditional assessment?

How can schools best support students as we enter a workplace era of Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Big Data and globalisation?

These are some of the questions we are engaged in exploring. If you would like us to help your organisation design alternative employability programmes contribute to conference or policy debates  please let us know. 


Scott Bailey Headshot

Scott Bailey is one of Facework's non-executive Directors and supports Stephen in providing consultancy services relating to buildings and developing our 'Hub' replication.  

Scott comes from a construction industry background specialising in business planning and property development.


He can offer the following consultancy services:


  • Business Planning 

  • Financial Planning

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Landlord and Tenant Issues

  • Corporate Agreements (shareholder, LLP &c)

  • Development Strategy, Funding and Appraisal

  • Acquisition and Sale of Property

  • Planning Advice 

  • Construction Risk 


Scott has worked in the delivery of housing in London for 25 years overseeing the construction of large scale development in London, holds an MBA and is a chartered town planner. 


Lillian and Stephen

Stephen founded and established Facework in 2016 working first  for 2 years with excluded young people co-designing the content. 

He can offer the following consultancy services:


  • Business Planning 

  • Leadership mentoring

  • Fundrasing and income strategy

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Safeguarding in using technology (ex CEO of Childnet)

  • Building a culture of change

  • Team away days

  • Innovation and piloting new ideas

  • Employability training and creation of new resources

  • Community engagement

  • International development


Stephen holds an honours degree in Education and Communication (University of London) is a fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs. He has worked with both government and business leaders as well as groups and charities.

​​​​​Lillian Brown has lived in South London all her life and worked there since 2010. Prior to that she worked for an advice charity for 9 years providing capacity building support to groups.

She works with Stephen in providing consultancy advice to other non-profit organisations specifically in the area of :

  • Fundraising

  • Safeguarding

  • Quality assurance for charities

  • Strategic reviews & Team Days 

  • Working with users.

Lillian is also a highly experienced trainer and you can read testimonials on her work at

Scott Bailey
Stephen C-D

"Working with Steve and Tim has been invaluable.  They helped us create a business case for developing our community workspace in Wolverton which has now been approved by the Council.  Learning from those who are actually doing it and having their ongoing support has made all the difference."


Marie Osbourne 

CEO Future Wolverton 

Front cover of Wolverton report
Co Working at Hatcham House
Change makers training at HH

"Across 2020 and 2021 we worked closely with Steve, who ran two intensive away days and helped us change our name and branding and re-focus our strategy. 

He also helped us secure a very large grant and raised funds for us through the work at Hatcham House. The service he provided was outstanding and we would definitely recommend Facework to others."

Felicia Boshorin

Founder and CEO - Spring Community Hub

“We appreciated the Facework team giving consultancy support to a group of Community Groups here in Bristol as we emerged from the pandemic. This included Stephen presenting to the Mayor of Bristol on 2 occasions and helping 3 organisations review their current buildings and community offering and how they could replicate the HH model of affordable workspaces. We so valued this advice coming from an actual practitioner who was innovating in how to re-use buildings and better serve local people looking to work together as a community.” 

Andy Street SLR Consulting Limited

In 2022 Stephen worked with 18 year old Lauren Roberts-Turner and commissioned her to write a unique 'Agenda for Change' document. 

This looks at the issue of youth unemployment and the impact COVID has had on young people's career prospects. 

Together Stephen and Lauren sketch out an agenda for all in our society to do more to help support young people facing the changing world of work. 

Lauren's agenda as screen grab
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