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In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of work, success is no longer solely defined by technical expertise. The ability to develop and exhibit a wide range of soft skills has become imperative for everyone entering the workplace.


 Welcome to Facework's Soft-Skills Workbook, a comprehensive guide designed to help you enhance and cultivate over 30 specific soft skills that are essential for thriving in today's dynamic workplace.

As you progress through the workbook, you'll discover the art of effective Self management, Team working, Enterprise skills, Problem solving and good Speaking and Listening. Skills - what we call STEPS   Each of these 5 families of skills have some sub-skills which young people have told us they need help in mastering.  These are then  presented with clear objectives, allowing you to measure your progress and facilitating deliberate practice to accelerate your growth.

Whether you are a student aspiring to enter the professional world, a professional seeking to enhance your prospects, or even an individual looking to grow personally, this workbook is your one-stop resource to acquire and refine the soft skills needed to thrive in today's ever-changing landscape.

We offer a limited number of concession priced copies at 50% off the listed price. If you are an individual student or in receipt of universal credit please contact and we will send you a concession code which you can use at checkout.

Facework Soft Skills Booklet (SINGLE USE)

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