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Speed Dating with Employers

Speed dating with employers provides trainees with valuable insights and helps them secure sustainable employment.

In the final stage of the Facework Ukraine training program, after learning about job search strategies, CV and Job Interview preparation, our trainees met employers. We invited them to a speed dating session!

Speed dating with employers served as a powerful platform for trainees to gain a deeper understanding of what employers seek in candidates. This unique event provided our trainees with an opportunity to directly interact with employers, validate career goals, and explore pathways to sustainable employment.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to PRET FOUNDATION LTD, particularly Viktoria Bertics, General Manager at Pret A Manger, for sharing valuable information about Pret's Ukraine Employment Programme. This program offers access to employment opportunities through the Rising Stars program and provides avenues for further growth within the company for individuals who demonstrate exceptional dedication and performance.

For applying to this programme, we kindly ask you fill out this referral form and send it with your CV to email:

Referral Form Pret Foundation
Download PDF • 96KB

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Bridge of Hope Careers, represented by Dmytro Vilhaniuk, Angelina Nosan, and Mariia Bieliaieva.

Their generous contributions include sharing their knowledge and providing guidance to help our participants navigate the challenges and nuances of the labour market. Additionally,  based on “Ukraine Support Scheme” the Bridge of Hope Careers have offered career counselling services:

  • A review and update or preparation of your CV to meet UK standards.

  • Career consultation to prioritise your work experience and formulate a job search strategy.

  • Registration on our job portal, which features Inclusive and Diverse Employers.

Please note, all service fees are covered by Bridge of Hope Careers and are complimentary for you.

To schedule an online appointment, kindly use the following link:

Clebson Vasconcellos, director of Bright Foods LTD, shared his experience in working in food industry.

Speed dating with employers is always a defining moment in the Facework Ukraine training programs. It provides trainees with valuable insights and helps them secure sustainable employment.

We thank our partners - PRET FOUNDATION LTD and Bridge of Hope Careers for their contributions and support.

Together, we create a supportive environment that fosters growth, facilitates transformation, and empowers individuals on their journey towards successful careers.


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