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Empowering Entrepreneurs with Eugenia Zagoruyko

Are you interested in starting your own business in the UK?

Last Thursday at the Self-Employment session we had the opportunity to learn from Eugenia Zagoruyko, a coach for business growth, about how to start your own business.

🔹 WHY do you want to be self-employed or run your own business? Exploring your motivation.

🔹 WHO do we run our business for? Target audience and their problems which you can solve.

🔹 HOW do you sell your product / service? Running your own business = SELLING

Find the energy sources that drive you. Just do it. Curiosity will open new opportunity.

🔹 What is the difference between SOLE TRADER or LIMITED COMPANY

🔹 Practice time: Motivation, Target Audience, Elevator Pitch

Mariia Belousova

Anna Markova


Starting own business, Eugenia Zagoruyko, 14 Mar 2024
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