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Protecting Employee Rights: How Can You Safeguard Yours?

Ukrainians, like most new arrivals, rarely complain about their employers, partly because they try to adapt and tolerate anything in order to keep their jobs, and partly because they do not know their rights and are not used to defending them in court.

Julia Splavska, an expert in Employment Litigation, conducted an excellent legal awareness training, explaining how labour law protects the rights of employees and employers in Britain. What to pay attention to in your employment contract, what must be included in it, how to read accruals in the payslip and what sick leave means and how much you should receive in case of illness.

Julia Splavska's session was very structured and supported by a considerable number of examples from real cases that took place in Britain. If you want to increase your awareness of your own rights, it is worth watching the recording of this session.


FWUA 24-2, Legal and Rights Awareness
Download PDF • 1.60MB




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