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Let's Network: Focus on Relationships, not the Business

Success is not about what you know, it is about who you know.

On Thursday, 12th of October, praticipants of Facework Ukraine training programme learned how to know more people and build meaningful relations. With the guidance of the experienced relationship builder, Eugenia Manzhula, they delved into the culture of networking in London.

The most engaging and interactive session of our training program explored the positive power of networking, both online and offline. Eugenia Manzhula reassured us that this skill is accessible to everyone, including introverts.

During the session, we played, had fun, and discovered the joy of socializing, engaging in interactions, contributing, and leveraging communication with others. This extends to providing support, advice, and opportunities for collaboration.

In essence, networking should be beneficial for both parties. We extend our gratitude to Eugenia Manzhula for sharing her secrets to effective networking. May her contributions be rewarded, and may many more people learn about her excellent work!





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