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Julia Splavska: Employees' Legal & Rights Awareness

On Thursday, the 2nd of November, as part of the Facework Ukraine training programme, we explored Employment Law.

Understanding legal terminologies related to employee rights and responsibilities is crucial for job seekers, though not always easy. However, it can become an engaging experience for an interested audience, especially with a passionate expert in the field.

Julia Splavska, Employment Litigation Consultant, who has specialised in HR and Employment law for 9 years and currently works at one of the largest Employment law firms in the UK - Peninsula UK, easily explained even the most complex topics for us! With her guidance, we understood the difference between employees and workers and that they don't have the same rights.

We delved into the reasons for termination and the notice and appeal processes, and how British law protects employees from discrimination and bullying.

Julia Splavska, Employment Litigation Consultant

Julia's experience encompasses various aspects of HR and employment law, including:

  • recruitment, hiring and onboarding;

  • disciplinary and grievance procedures, investigations;

  • drafting and reviewing employment contracts, handbooks and policies;

  • negotiating and drafting settlement agreements, managing promotions and demotions, handling compensation and allowances;

  • dealing with employment litigation; providing training and supervision.

A huge thank Julia for her invaluable assistance and unwavering commitment to supporting Ukrainians in their job hunt in the UK. Empowering compatriots with an understanding of their rights enhances their confidence and sense of security in the UK.

To become better equipped to face work and deal with work-related situations you can utilise these resources.



FW UA trainining - Session_Legal and Rights Awareness
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