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Job Search Strategies: Expert Guidance from Employment Adviser Dahlia Parkinson

Insightful Answers to Help Navigate the Path to Success

On Thursday, 8th of February we provided the session Job Search Strategies for the forth cohort of Facework Ukraine training programme 

The journey of finding the right job requires careful planning and a well-crafted strategy. Success lies not only in the ability to uncover job openings but also in aligning our approach with our unique goals and aspirations.

With the expertise of Dahlia Parkinson, an Employment Adviser from Lewisham Works, trainees explored different ways to secure a job in the Job Search Strategies.

She guided participants through essential topics such as job hunting, setting SMART career goals, creating an action plan, and utilising a job tracker. These valuable insights will significantly benefit our participants and enhance their chances of finding their dream job.

We launched Facework Talks where Ukrainians who has already secured a job can share their UK work experience.

The first speaker Valentina Sarzhevska told us about reflections on her 1-year transformative journey at the UK company.

Valentina, a Brand Social Media Executive at PlayOJO, has a successful experience of searching for a job in the UK, her story was full of valuable insights to inspire our trainees.

Facework Talks is a platform for you to share your own experiences with those who are trying to find work in the UK and need your inspiration.


Dahlia_Job Searching in London
Download PPTX • 7.09MB

Valentyna_Пошук роботи
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