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How to use Chat GPT for Learning and Practicing English

ChatGPT can be your free AI English teacher and help you become a confident English speaker.

Do you recall what our tutor, David Powell, a former Cambridge team leader for English main suite exams and IELTS in Ukraine, often says?

Where you can find out more about English? On Google! Google it!

While this is still a great reminder, times are changing, and the era of artificial intelligence (AI) is now here.

With AI-powered language learning tools, chatbots, and virtual tutors, there are now even more ways to enhance your English proficiency. ChatGPT can provide personalized feedback, guidance, and support throughout your language learning journey.

How you can interact with ChatGPT?

ChatGPT can help you practice vocabulary, phrasal verbs, grammar, and pronunciation, and even more:

  • Explaining meaning in context

  • Correcting and explaining grammar

  • Dictionary definitions and examples

  • Text annotation and translation

  • Vocabulary quizzes

  • Simplifying complex text for you

  • Rewriting text according to your needs

  • Practicing conversation

  • Preparing you for a job interview with feedback

We've even curated a selection of the best guides on how to use chat feature to learn English.

ChatGPT Tutorial for using English

According to Cloud English, ChatGPT is the ultimate tool for English learners, offering personalized lessons and conversation practice to help you improve your language skills.

Here's the prompt was used for this video: "I want you to act as an interviewer and english teacher. I will be the other person and you will ask me the questions about the topic of making friends. I want you to only reply as the interviewer. Do not write all the conservation at once. I want you to only do the interview with me. Ask me the questions and wait for my answers. If I make any English mistakes, I want you to correct me and explain the correction. Give a clear explanation of each correction. Ask me the questions one by one like an interviewer does and wait for my answers. My first sentence is "Hi".

Accent's Way English with Hadar insists that IA transforms the way you practice in ways you wouldn’t believe are possible. Explore more about how to use OpenAI ChatGPT to enhance your vocabulary, grammar, conversation, exam prep and so much more.

Download Hadar's list of prompts for practicing with ChatGPT:

Aleena Rais Live offers 10 ways you can use chatGPT for learning English.

1. Conversations

Example prompt: "Create a casual conversation between two friends in English" ChatGPT will create a conversation for you and then you can then recite it and practise

2. Quizzes

Example prompt: "Create an English grammar quiz for me"

3. Correct mistakes

Example prompt: "Check the following text for English grammar mistakes. “I have went to the market”"

4. Beautify/simplify the text

Example prompt: "Please beautify this English paragraph: “Ram went to the market. He bought a few fruits. He likes to eat mangoes.”"

5. Learn concepts

Example prompt: "What is active vs passive voice in the English language? Please illustrate with examples."

Example prompt: "Teach me a few grammar rules of English"

6. Vocabulary

Example prompt: "Teach me some English vocabulary words"

Example prompt: "Give me synonyms for the word beautiful"

7. Advice and Tips

Example prompt: "How should I learn to speak English?"

Example prompt: "Create a study plan for me to learn English"

8. Lists

Example prompt: "Create a list of English vocabulary words starting from letter V"

Example prompt: "Create a list of daily use English idioms"

9. Translation

Example prompt: "Translate “I have eaten mangoes” to Ukrainian" Or you can also do Ukrainian to English translation.

10. Interview preparation

Example prompt: "Create a list of Interview questions for me and write best strategies to answer them"

Example prompt: "You are an interviewer, please take my interview"

ChatGPT is an amazing tool for practicing English and enhancing your language skills. However, it cannot replace the importance of human interaction, which is the essence of effective communication in English. To truly overcome the fear of speaking with others and develop real fluency, it's crucial to engage in authentic conversations with real people. While ChatGPT can provide valuable support and guidance, nothing can replace the experience of interacting with others in English.

Therefore, we invite you to register for the second stage of our training with Facework Ukraine.


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