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How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking and Deliver an Elevator Pitch Authentically: Tips from the YIN&YANG Team

What comes after CV writing when you are invited to a Job Interview? You have to present yourself.

Do you feel the adrenaline rush through your body and the tension building up just by hearing the phrase "Please, introduce yourself"?

It's a fear! You might be scared of how to tell your story and grab attention from the very first words.

Silence your fears, amplify your voice and chart your course to communication success with us! Get ready to boost confidence, master communication, and build a pitch that wows — all with real-world applications. With help YIN&YANG Team - Structured YIN (Communications & Debating) and Expressive Yang (Acting, Emotional Intelligence) - participants of the Facework Ukraine employability training explored how to introduce yourself authentically, speak confidently and convey effectively.

Victoria Mushtey, Expressive Yang

Professional theatre and film actress, speech and acting coach. 14 years of stage experience. Taught at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts, and the Ukrainian Startup Fund. Studied at LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art)

Anna Krutova, Structured YIN

Certified Specialist in PR & Communications for International Organisations and Government. Worked for the European Union Project for Public Administration Reform, International Foundation for Electoral Systems, and International Research and Exchange Board.


the Principles of Effective Communication & Elevator Pitch:

- What is effective communication? (CUPTA: Clarity, Understanding, Purpose, Two-way process, Adaptability)

- What to keep in mind when developing the message PACT principle (Purpose, Audience, Chanel, Tone of Voice);

- Elevator pitch: Key components & different goals;

- Different formulas: 3Cs (connect, convince, close), SEAT (skills, experience, achievements, type of person) C+STAR (compliment, situation, task, action, result).


- Writing a compelling elevator pitch following the suggested scripts and presenting oneself;

- Understanding the two core elements of public speaking: technique and mindset;

- Addressing strategies for managing fear and setting effective goals.


- Rehearsing public speaking, focusing on posture, eye contact, and gestures;

- Delivering the elevator speech in front of the group;

- Summarising the key takeaways and encouraging further practice.


Public Speaking & Elevator Pitch
Download PDF • 37.73MB




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