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Facework Ukraine completed its first employability training

Trainees got certificates and celebrated their success.

Recently, Facework Ukraine completed delivering its first 10-week employability training program and a group of trainees received certificates to recognize their achievements. The program was designed to help trainees develop the skills and knowledge necessary to find and succeed in their chosen careers.

The certificate presentation ceremony also provided an opportunity for the trainees to reflect on their journey and express their gratitude to the trainers and mentors who supported them throughout the program. They shared their experiences and the lessons they learned along the way, inspiring others to pursue their goals and dreams.

As you know, Stephen Carrick-Davies, Director of Facework Group, has been a great supporter of trainees all this time during the most difficult times of war in Ukraine.

His unwavering commitment to his work, coupled with innovative and creative approaches, has been truly inspiring. His invaluable contributions have enabled them to achieve remarkable and highly effective results in tackling complex challenges. As the result, trainees have become more confident, creative, motivated, proactive, and flexible in making decisions. Trainees have come to a few STEPS closer to their goals.

Facework Ukraine Trainees expressed their truly grateful for Stephen's outstanding work, remarkable expertise, and exceptional diligence.

All the resources from our 10-week FACE.WORK UKRAINE course


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