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CV & Cover Letter Writing with Zoryana Burmas

Customisation your CV & Cover Letter for each job application

On Thursday, 15th of February, the forth cohort of Facework Ukraine training programme explored all about job descriptions, CV & Cover Letter writing.

With ESOL Lecturer and Employability Coach Zoryana Burmas, who conducted the session on CV & Cover Letter Writing, we have learned how to write impressive CV using key words from job description and be able to adjust it for different job application.

Also we have discovered how to customise cover letter and show our best experience in terms of employers requestments.


HARVARD -resume-cover-letter-guide
Download PDF • 1.77MB

An example of job application e-mail with tips BBC English1
Download DOCX • 256KB
How to Write A Cover Letter Using ChatGPT
Download DOCX • 600KB
How to write a perfect Cover Letter
Download DOCX • 876KB
Powerful verbs to make your CV stand out
Download DOCX • 384KB
Formal and informal Language Cover Letter Writing Matching Act ESOL E2-E3
Download DOC • 88KB
Summary Formal and Infromal English in Cover Letter Writing BBC English
Download DOCX • 306KB
How to Use ChatGPT to Write a CV
Download DOCX • 32KB

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