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CV and Cover Letter: Tips and Strategies for a Standout Application

CV - a must-have document for employment in Britain. With its help, you can introduce yourself to employers and market your services in the job market.

On the 9th of May, with the help of Bridge of Hope Careers, participants of the Facework Ukraine employability training explored how to craft a standout application. We invited an experienced HR manager who dealt with hundreds of CVs every day and was familiar with employers' requirements.

Dmytro Vilhaniuk, Sales and Recruitment Consultant at nGAGE Talent - an international company operating in over 70 countries and attracting talent for leading global companies.

Dmytro explained:

🌟 What were the standards for writing a CV in the UK?

🌟 Why should you have avoided using ready-made templates from employment platforms and why relying solely on AI assistance could sometimes be detrimental?

🌟 How had the hiring process changed with the introduction of automated CV screening systems?

🌟 Why did some CVs fail to pass even the initial screening?

Afterwards, Dmytro invited participants to take individual consultations from Bridge of Hope Careers provided under the "Ukraine Support Scheme":

I am immensely proud of the intelligence, education, and skills exhibited by Ukrainians. I acknowledge the challenges we all face due to the differences in the labour market. However, I am confident that everyone can overcome these through the excellent preparation provided by the Facework Ukraine programme.

In line with our agreement, based on the Bridge of Hope Careers ( “Ukraine Support Scheme,” we are offering you the following services:

  • A review and update or preparation of your CV to meet UK standards.

  • Career consultation to prioritise your work experience and formulate a job search strategy.

  • Registration on our job portal, which features Inclusive and Diverse Employers.

Please note, all service fees are covered by Bridge of Hope Careers and are complimentary for you.

To schedule an online appointment, kindly use the following link:

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Templates CV &Cover Letter

CV Template BOH
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Cover letter template
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CV and Cover Letter: Tips and Strategies

Curriculum Vitae. Cover Letter
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