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Current job vacancies in the Borough of Lewisham

We've compiled a list of current job openings in the Borough of Lewisham and would like to share it with you to help you find job opportunities.

Apprentice Opportunities at Lewisham Council

Administration Opportunities at Lewisham Council

Children's Social Care Opportunities at Lewisham Jobs

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust

Beckenham Place Park (BPP) is an amazing place to work, with good transport links, stunning views and a close-knit community of small businesses. See all offers.

Tutor at Field Studies Council London

This role covers a number of venues including the Beckenham Place Park site.

Dog groomer/salon manager

After two years of trading in BPP, Eddie’s dog shop is gearing up to open its first bricks and mortar shop in the Homestead Courtyard and they’re looking for a fully qualified dog groomer/salon manager.

Shop supervisor and sales assistants

This is Nor‘s second shop and we’re delighted to welcome this new retail space to BPP in Spring.


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