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Career Mapping with Mother into Work

Most of temporarily displaced Ukrainians in the UK are mothers with children. For them mush more difficult to get a job especially if they are single parents.

Last session, the 2nd of May we try to empower mothers to re-enter the workforce with access to career mapping workshops, networking and employer work experiences and training. 


Personal Career Mapping and Elevator Pitch Exercises

Dr. Susan Doering, the Career Transition Coach and the author of the book "Smart Career Moves for Smart Women", helped visualise our trainees their career goals, identify potential pathways, and plan your next steps.

Expert Mentors

Tatiana Smith, a Business and Career Mentor, who has a wealth of experience and expertise, provided valuable career guidance, helping participants make informed decisions and maximise their potential.

Boost Confidence

Farzana Sarwar, CEO at Mother into Work, helped boost confidence and overcome obstacles that may be holding our trainees back from achieving your career aspirations.


Farzana Sarwar_Career Mapping
Download PPTX • 7.00MB
Tatiana Smith_How to navigate career in Design& Construction industry
Download PDF • 9.51MB




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