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Zoryana Burmas: English for employment - what we need to know?

The first session of the next stage Facework Ukraine training programme took place on Thursday, 11th May, and we met with new training participants.

We have learned how to communicate effectively in the workplace, avoid misunderstandings and potential offence, and we now possess the skills of language diplomacy.

Softening the language is an important aspect of effective communication, particularly when interacting with British people who value politeness and diplomacy in their social interactions.

Sometimes it is not so easy for Ukrainians to understand exactly what the British mean. After all, in order not to offend the interlocutor with a refusal, they so carefully wrap it in numerous layers of

politeness and diplomatic turns. Instead, Ukrainian directness surprises British people and, unfortunately, it is mistakenly perceived as rudeness and arrogance.

How to deal with this cultural gap and understand each other better, in particular at the workplace and during job interviews - we analyzed together with ESOL teacher Zoryana Burmas.


Grammar Reference Being Polite Softening the language
Download DOCX • 281KB

Being tactful British English
Download PDF • 222KB

Zoryana Burmas grateful for all participants:

Thank you for attending my session. I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. Enjoy and have fun practising the language using the resources, provided. I am sure "softening the language" will make a big difference in the way you communicate with people.

The next session English for Work starts May 18 at 7 pm, Hatcham House.


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