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Zoryana Burmas: English for E-mails and Job Application Cover Letter Writing

On May, 18 Zoryana Burmas conducted the session on Formal and Informal Language for E-mails and Job Application Cover Letter Writing. She recommends utilizing the attached resources for practicing the language.

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter also referred to as a covering letter or an application letter is an important document most organisations ask for along with a job application. It helps boost your resume which by itself might not be sufficient for a recruiter to get to know you.

Although not all recruiters demand a cover letter, including a cover letter along with your resume is good practice, as many recruiters go through cover letters to shortlist candidates for the interview. A well-written cover letter can create a good first impression and make you stand out from other applicants.

Writing a covering email
Download PDF • 75KB

A cover letter for laminated activity amended
Download PDF • 44KB

Useful Language for covering letters
Download PDF • 512KB

Useful Language for applications How writing works
Download PDF • 413KB

Summary Formal and Infromal BBC English
Download PDF • 96KB


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