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Workplace Integration with Anastasiia Trubkina

In our recent Workplace Integration Session, the 16th of November, as part of the Facework Ukraine training programme, we explored the essentials for smoothly fitting into a new work environment, especially in the British workplace.

Guided by Anastasia Trubkina, an expert employment adviser, we discussed practical strategies to prepare and integrate well within a new company. Anastasia shared valuable insights on cultural differences, offering guidance on navigating them and finding strength to thrive in your new work setting. Anastasia shared insights into why the British are often referred to as "peach," while Ukrainians are likened to coconuts.

Together, we outlined key points for your successful journey, covering crucial areas like:

💎 Cultural Awareness: Understand workplace culture and navigate cultural differences for smooth integration.

💎 Professional Etiquette: Master business communication and workplace behavior for a professional atmosphere.

💎 Workplace Communication: Build relationships with colleagues, understand teamwork dynamics, and collaborate effectively.

We believe that understanding these key elements will not only help you integrate effectively but also contribute positively to your overall career development. Stay tuned for more sessions and resources to support your journey in the workplace!


Workplace Integration_Anastasiia Trubkina
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