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Want to connect with the British? Learn their values with Zoryana Burmas

Effective communication is more than just words. It's about conveying our values.

The first session for the fifth cohort of Facework Ukraine training programme took place on Thursday, 25th of April, where participants had the opportunity to learn about connecting with the British through understanding their values.

We started the training with our Speaking Club "Tea & Talk," where participants engaged in English conversations with native speakers. This activity helped warm up their interest in the language and build confidence in speaking.

The session "English for Work" focused on effective communication that goes beyond words. Participants explored how values play a role in various communication contexts, such as small talk, job interviews, elevator pitches, and self-introductions.

A key aspect of the session was fostering open dialogue and embracing diverse perspectives. Participants were encouraged to engage in authentic conversations and exchange ideas, recognising that this is how meaningful connections are formed.

ESOL Lecturer and Employability Coach, Zoryana Burmas, led the session on English for Work.

She introduced the concept of the cultural iceberg, which highlights that only 10% of culture is visible, while the remaining 90% consists of beliefs and perspectives.

Participants learned how these cultural perspectives influence daily interactions and communications with their British counterparts.

Overall, the session provided valuable insights into British values, cultural nuances, and effective communication strategies. Participants gained a deeper understanding of how to form stronger connections with the British community and navigate cross-cultural interactions successfully.

This session was a significant step in the training programme, setting the foundation for future sessions that will further enhance participants' communication skills and cultural adaptability.



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