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New Employability Training for Ukrainians in London

Face your job opportunity and transform your life for the better with the help of Facework Ukraine training.

For many Ukrainians who have been displaced from their homes due to the ongoing conflict in their country, finding employment can be a major challenge. Not only do they have to deal with the language barrier, but also the lack of familiarity with the job market in the UK.

In response to this need, Facework Ukraine with the support of Lewisham Works has launched a new employability training program that aims to help displaced Ukrainians in London gain valuable soft skills and English language proficiency and to support them in finding employment.

The training is completely free of charge. After completing the training, participants will be provided with training certificates and references.

DATE: May 11th - June 29th

every Thursday

at 7.00 pm

367 Queens Road

London SE14 5HD

The program is designed to work directly with displaced Ukrainians to co-design employability and careers training that meets their specific needs. The aim is to help them grow in confidence and develop skills that will help them access jobs and create successful careers.


"Face your job opportunity"

8 sessions

12 May - 29 June 2023

The initial two sessions of the program will focus on on improving English language skills - English for work. Participants will learn English phrases and vocabulary that are relevant to the workplace, and will be given opportunities to practice speaking and listening in a supportive environment. English language skills sessions will cover various aspects of language, which are essential for effective communication in a professional setting.

The third session will concentrate on developing Soft skills such as confidence, self-management, and enterprising. Participants will learn how to grow essential skills that are crucial for success in any workplace. The topics will include time management, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making. The aim is to help the participants build their self-confidence, enhance their emotional intelligence, and learn how to be proactive in taking charge of their careers.

The fourth session will address IT for work, such as LinkedIn and other social media platforms. The session will focus on networking and building relationships. Participants will learn how to build a network with potential employers in their chosen field, and how to use social media and other tools to find new job opportunities and create a professional online presence. They will also learn how to use technology to improve efficiency in the workplace.

The fifth session of the program focuses on Self-employment to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to start their own businesses, such as understanding the registration process, managing finances, and tax compliance. This session will be particularly relevant for those who wish to become entrepreneurs or freelancers.

The sixth session of the program will aim at Job interview practice.

The mock job interview session will provide participants with an opportunity to practice their interview skills and receive feedback from experienced professionals. This session will help participants feel more confident and prepared for real job interviews.

The seventh session of the program will be Meeting employers. The employer meeting session will give participants the chance to interact with employers and learn about job opportunities in their respective fields. This session will also provide a networking opportunity for participants to connect with potential employers and explore career paths.

The final session of the program is a networking event where participants can connect with other Ukrainians in London who are also looking for work. In the Sharing successes stories session, participants will have the chance to share their experiences and learn from one another's successes and challenges. This session will also serve as a celebration of the progress made and the skills developed throughout the program. This will provide an opportunity for participants to build new relationships, share job leads, and support each other in their job search.

Overall, the new employability training program offered by Facework Ukraine is an excellent initiative that will help displaced Ukrainians in London to develop the skills and confidence they need to access job opportunities and build successful careers. By providing free training in areas such as soft skills, English language proficiency, and job search strategies, the program is helping to bridge the gap between Ukrainians in London and the UK job market.

Sessions will take place every Thursday 7 pm - 9 pm London time.

You can find a detailed schedule of sessions on the website:


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