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JOB INTERVIEW: What Employers Are Going To Learn About You?

What and how to present yourself to employers - Lessons from a Job Interview Session

Learned from an insightful job interview preparation session, Svitlana Zhyzhnevska, Employment Adviser at WORLD JEWISH RELIEF, generously shared her valuable insights with participants of Facework Ukraine.

With expertise in team selection and over 80 interviews conducted in Ukraine, she provided valuable knowledge on effectively presenting oneself during job interviews. From her personal journey, starting in a pub kitchen and advancing to become a job placement consultant at WJR, she shared her experiences and expertise gained in the interview process.

The session was captured in a presentation, video, and photos for participants to benefit from her expertise. Get ready to receive expert guidance on interview preparation, different interview types, common questions, and effective strategies for answering them.


Presentation Job Interview
Download PPTX • 17.44MB




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