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Your Voice Matters: How to Present Yourself with Power

We have learned to introduce ourself and make sure people listen.

A big thank to everyone who joined us on Thursday, 5th of October, for the 'Sharing Your Story' training session Facework Ukraine training programme tailored to our Ukrainian community in London.

With Stephen Carrick-Davies we explored the art of crafting a powerful personal story that leaves a lasting impression in job interviews. Also, we delved into the nuances of cultural differences, exploring what English audiences are eager to hear from Ukrainians and how Ukrainians' experiences can be beneficial for the British job market.


  • Eye-opening discussions on cultural insights

  • Practical tips for effective storytelling

  • Networking and connecting with fellow job seekers

It was incredible to witness our community members grow in confidence and communication skills. Remember, your unique story is your strength in the job market!

Stay tuned for updates on our next event, and don't forget to tag anyone who might benefit from these valuable sessions. Let's continue supporting each other on the path to success!


Speaking&Listening Skills EN
Download • 5.82MB

Вміння слухати і говорити_UA
Download PDF • 5.82MB


You can review our session HERE



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