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Setting up as a Self-Employed Person

On March 2, we will talk about setting up as a self-employed person in the UK.

If you want to register your own business or work as freelancer, there is a good opportunity to get all your questions answered during the next session of our employment training on which we invited Sophie Cross, Editor at Freelancer Magazine.

Two years ago, Sophie Cross launched her own magazine, Freelancer. In just two weeks, her team hit their target and exceeded expectations twice. Sophia's idea of a quarterly magazine and weekly newsletters specifically for freelancers has been quite successful in the market. Now she is thinking about launching a new website.

Sophie gave us a few tips on launching a business idea:

🗣 #StartBeforeYoureReady and build in public.

👊 Do it your way - how you think it should be done, working with the people you want (customers, suppliers, supporters, team).

👫 The success of a business largely relies on building brilliant relationships.

💰 Keep a very close eye on costs.

🎢 Enjoy the process, don't focus on the end goal. It will be a lot easier if you don't expect it to be quick or easy.

😍 People need to feel your own confidence and enthusiasm for your idea oozing out of you.

Stephen Carrick-Davies, Director of Facework Group, will talk about his own way as a social entrepreneur, about taxing and resources that help you set up as a self-employed person.

We are looking forward to seeing you at 7 pm on March 2 at Hatcham House.


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