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Self Emoployment - Ukrainian Experience in the UK

On Thursday, the 30th of November, as part of the Facework Ukraine training programme, we delved into Self-Employment topic.


Self-Employment Session with Natalia Hrytsiuk, currently researching best practices in UK entrepreneurship education at UCL School of Management, was incredibly valuable because she graciously shared her insights among Facework Ukraine community. Understanding the subtle differences between Ukrainian and UK approaches to venture-building is crucial for those Ukrainians interested in launching businesses in the UK.

Rather than fixating on business ideas, it's essential to focus on identifying problems that your business could solve. This approach ensures that your product or service will be in demand in the market. As an illustration of this concept, participants in The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs for Ukraine presented their startup ideas and discussed their functionalities.

Krystyna Nekrylova presented her project 'Christina’s Cleaners,' which is part of the program 'New Generation of Entrepreneurs for Ukraine' at UCL School of Management in London.

She arrived in the UK, like many Ukrainians, after the full-scale Russian invasion and found the strength to set up her business, helping many of her compatriots succeed in employment.

Neither her limited knowledge of the English language nor the lack of funding prevented her from becoming successful in business. According to her, the key was creatively utilizing even limited resources and positioning correctly; she identified her niche in the market and offered a service that was in high demand.

Christina's Cleaners - offering professional and reliable cleaning services in Oxfordshire. Now, Krystyna Nekrylova is considering expanding her business to new areas, such as London.

She recognized that with the onset of the war and the arrival of the first Ukrainian refugees in Britain, there was a significant demand for the services of psychotherapists, as Ukrainians faced enormous challenges. Another issue was that they couldn't access help in their native language. The NHS does not have enough interpreters, and the quality of interpreter-mediated therapy significantly deteriorates.

Therefore, Lilia realized that she could be of assistance and organized a psychological support service for Ukrainians in Britain in the Ukrainian language - Wellness Path Center. Currently, the demand for her services is so high that waiting lists have been formed. Thus, Dr. Liliya Korallo invites Ukrainian psychologists to join her project and also conducts training programs for Ukrainian specialists who want to participate in providing psychological assistance to Ukrainians. She is also confident that the experience gained will be useful even after returning to Ukraine, so she is considering the possibility of expanding her practice in Ukraine in the future.

By addressing mental health problems in this manner, Dr. Liliya Korallo is creating new job opportunities and resolving the issue of employment for many Ukrainians. We are grateful to Dr. Liliya Korallo for participating in our session and sharing the Wellness Path project with Facework Ukraine. We extend our gratitude to Natalia for extending an invitation to Ukrainian refugees to apply for the next iteration of The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs for Ukraine program.

If you missed our session "Self-Employment" with Natalia Hrytsyuk, we recommend that you watch the recording on our Instagram channel.




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