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Meet with Employers: Learn About Job Opportunities

How to get a job? - In last session "Meet Employers" our trainees had a chance to ask this question directly to employers and companies which provide employment.

We are thankful to Bridge of Hope Careers, especially to Wanda Farah and Chance Bleu-Montgomery for the time you dedicated to sharing your knowledge and advice.

Chance Bleu-Montgomery remarked, "It was truly heartening to witness the talent and skills possessed by the wonderful people we met from Ukraine. They are not only qualified in various areas but also bring a rich diversity of skills to the table. It was nice to meet many of the candidates. The Meet the Employer event was a fantastic experience, where we had the pleasure of connecting with compassionate employers and individuals who share a commitment to making a positive difference."


We wanted to express our sincere gratitude to Employment4ALL team, especially Janine Adeleke Alcantara, Tanya Gomez and Antonio, for coming and speaking to our trainees about opportunities and access to sustainable employment. Employment4ALL Ltd (CIC) is assisting in gaining employment for the Facework candidates.

As spotted by Janine Adeleke Alcantara, Ukrainian clients are highly educated and skilled and I would be reaching out to Employers and partners with higher calibre roles, that can offer employment opportunities.


Huge shoutout to Eugenia Zagoruyko for sharing her amazing job experience in different fields in the UK with Face.Work Ukraine  trainees. It is very important to hear that someone was in the same position and circumstances and was able to overcome all barriers and difficulties.

We are grateful for your wisdom, empathy and sincere aspiration to support others who experienced similar challenges.

And what a pleasure to have as a speaker someone whom we know from our previous course and who can share her success story. Angela Savchenko just 6 months ago sat in this room and dreamed about getting a job and continuing her career in HR and talent acquisition. She mentioned that Facework Ukraine and Stephen Carrick-Davies helped her rebuild her confidence and overcome 'the last mile' to meaningful employment.

Now she works as HR in a recruitment agency which operates luxury hospitality in the UK and all over the world - Human One Global.

Anzhela was happy to pay back and contribute to the Ukrainian community by sharing her knowledge about the hiring process and advice on how to prepare yourself for a job interview.

Angela's advice was that everything is possible, you should believe in yourself and "keep going the last mile".

We are greatful to John Burgess, Real Estate Director at Colliers International, for coming and sharing his fantastic experience.

Massive thanks to Nick Saalfeld, Managing Director of Wells Park Communications, his stories are captivative and valuable as well.

Your encouragement has inspired our trainees to persevere in their job search efforts, and we are truly grateful for the positive impact you've had on their journey.



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