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Mastering Teamwork Skills with Stephen Carrick-Davies

On Thursday, the 23rd of November, as part of the Facework Ukraine training programme, we explored Team Work Skills.

The recent Teamwork Session with Stephen Carrick-Davies was more than just an exploration of managing conflicts, showing empathy, promoting others, and reframing in the workplace. It evolved into an interactive experience, delving into the practical aspects of communicating these skills effectively.

In summary, the session not only equipped participants with essential skills for effective teamwork but also highlighted the significance of these skills in the context of the UK workplace. It served as a collaborative platform to share experiences, learn from one another, and build a foundation for successful professional interactions.

Looking forward to continued exploration and growth in our upcoming sessions!


EN_TEAM WORK_Soft Skills booklet
Download PDF • 7.83MB

UA_TEAM WORK_Soft Skills booklet
Download PDF • 8.07MB




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