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Career Transitions: Navigating the UK Education & Career Landscape

On Thursday, the 9th of November, as part of the Facework Ukraine training programme, we explored Career Transitions: Navigating the UK Education & Career Landscape.

The Career Transition & Growth session covered education, career opportunities, and professional development for meaningful employment in the UK.

With the guidance of Zoryana Burmas, Employability Coach, participants explored:

✅ Where to find courses for learning/improving English?

✅ How to validate Ukrainian qualifications in the UK?

✅ How to access adult education (university entry)?

✅ Where to discover opportunities for professional development (professional courses and programs)?

A big thank you to Anastasiia Zhytska, Montessori Nursery Teacher, for generously sharing her professional experience working in the UK educational system with participants in our employability training. Her personal story resonated with many Ukrainians who have recently arrived in the UK, demonstrating that it is possible to embark on a career in Education:

✅ If you want to work in Education/Childcare

✅ If you want to get some extra income

✅ If you want to improve your English skills

✅ If you simply enjoy being around the children

By the way, she pointed out that many positions in the education system don't require a high level of English; however, they offer a lot of advantages for practicing the language. Working with children provides a great chance to learn everyday vocabulary! Singing nursery rhymes or explaining things with simple words, you'll soon get better at English and advance in your career journey.


The UK National Information Centre for the recognition and evaluation of international qualifications and skills

National Careers Service will help you explore careers, skills assessment, find a course, create your action plans, receive careers advice

Further and higher education, skills and vocational training

What qualification levels mean

University and college qualifications.

Apprenticeships, traineeships and internships.

Funding for further education providers.

Student finance: loans, bursaries, grants, student finance and paying back loans

Refugee Education UK

Workers’ Educational Association

ENGLISH Список онлайн-ресурсів і курсів англійської мови.

Oxford English online ресурси для уроків англійської мови в Інтернеті.

Free 2 learn безкоштовні навчальні курси і програми, що фінансуються державою.

British Council подкасти англійською мовою, починаючи з початкового рівня.

The Open University безкоштовні онлайн-курси навчання дорослих, включаючи англійську мову.

Education in the UK_Anastasiia Experience
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