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Soft power of this skills can super-charge your career, - Stephen Carrick-Davies.

Speaking and Listening Skills: Learn techniques on how to grow your confidence. 

In a recent employability training session, participants had the opportunity to dive deep into the realm of soft skills and their significance in career development. Led by Stephen Carrick-Davies, the session explored various aspects of soft skills and how they can supercharge one's professional journey.

Hard Skills may get you the job but Soft Skills super-charge your career

While Ukrainians try to showcase their knowledge and qualification, let say Hard Skills, to get a job, the employers search for a person and pay attention to their personal qualities and skills which called Soft Skills. It is more important to most of employers to hire right person rather than professionals which can seamlessly integrate into their work environment and become a valuable team player, ultimately enhancing overall performance. For Britishes your soft skills are really mean and how you can demonstrate your ability to communicate with others and how you solve a problem or manage the work. If with body language and look smart most Ukrainians don't have any problem but it could be different with other skills as public speaking, sharing their story, being a good listener etc. So that's why Stephen Carrick-Davies conducted session on Soft Skills for Ukrainian jobseekers.

Soft power of this skills can super charge your career.

Overall, the soft skills session provided a comprehensive exploration of the subject, offering valuable insights and practical guidance for participants to harness the power of these skills in their professional journeys. The session served as a reminder that soft skills are not only crucial for career advancement but also for building meaningful connections and personal growth.


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